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Adonis Golden Ratio system review consists of 3 nutritional programs and one is burning of excessive fat from the body whereas second is for the weight reduction as well as muscle development. Last nutritional program will be for developing the muscles for people who have the ectomorph body. As per the program, it’s very important that you will calculate size of the body, for you to know the right schedule for you.

What you will get when you purchase Adonis golden ratio system review program.

Ideally this program costs around $47 in order to get a complete program. But, to gain trust of clients, program gives the golden 60day of golden money back assurance in an event that program doesn’t cut this for you & doesn’t get you those desired results. Looks really matter and make the difference. Using the theory as basis for the program, Barban has designed Adonis Golden Ratio Program that will help the men to achieve their success in area of desirability and fitness. Barban studied the classic attractive physiques & designed the mathematical formula of determining best shape & conditioning for the body. He also concluded that most important factor to determine attractiveness of man’s physique is a ratio between shoulders and waist. Adonis Index is actually what Barban utilizes to calculate the ideal size and Ideal Ratio. Adonis Ratio is an ideal measurement of shoulder circumference to waist circumference.

About author

Program was been developed by 3 authors named Brad Pilon, John Barban, and Brad Horward however one that had most input & is related to this program is Barban who has the gripdegree in nutrition and human biology and masters in a same field. He as well has the educational background in the exercise physiology also. Barban’s innovative and clever program is made to calculate the shoulder and the waist measurements and then use this as the basis all along with the weight, height as well as age to determine the workouts, calorie intake and diet. So, after taking your waist and shoulder measurements you will have to check out in case you wish to build only the muscle, lose only the fat, or to work on the combination of both of them. The 12 week of fitness program is structured personally for your measurements & goals. The highly rated and very successful fitness plan is suitable for any men with any type of body shape. The testimonials from Adonis Golden Ratio program rave about success and content of this program. The nutrition & training information are been separated in 2 different PDF files.


Suppose you don’t know to calculate size of the body, you may always rely on the Adonis nutritional program that is accessible on internet. Using this software is very convenient. Using this software is very simple. Just insert the body details like your shoulder measurements, waist size, as well as your height. This software may print out the fitness program you must follow.

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Best Nutritional Program